Hey yo! is back on line .. Mamaisan has sad new, Kevin Nash talks about Scott Hallís health: Scott's not doing well at all right now. I was with him last weekend. He's really having some hard times. You know, the WWE is very concerned even though they've sent him several times on their dime. They're very concerned that one of their guys is still out there and sick. They're still trying to figure out what they can do. It's hard because they're publicly traded. The system...you can't go 55 times, you know. It just doesn't work that way. The longer I've been around the addiction of different people, you just realize that your friends and family can want them to be well, but if the person doesn't have the will to be well, it doesn't matter what everybody else does. Until he wants to take the steps to be clean, he's just not going to be clean. There's plenty of people that love him and want him to do it, it's just, he's got to make that decision himself. We can't do it for him. Nor can Vince or anybody else.Mamaisan wants all his fans to keep him in our prayers that he will find away to good heath and a sober life . I have been sober myself for 34 years it is very simple to do but not easy . It is a one day at a time just don't drink and drug.  










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