Wrestlemania X


  Let's get the way back machine going and go back to a match that made history.. It is Wrestlemania X and the all famous ladder match .. The match that made ladder matches famous .Shawn is to the ring first with Desiel .The Boy Toy dance all the way down, Mr. Sexy Boy himself. Desiel bring up the rear. The Boy Toy will not walk under the ladder nooo that would mean bad luck. Now here come Razor and the first thing he does is tempt fate under the ladder he goes . The man has his game face on.. It's Wrestlemania the greatest show in all of wrestling world .. Thousands are here at Madison Square Garden to see the show and this is the match that every one will remember years for now,not the main event and not the Hart brothers feud. This is the match , so hold on to you seat because it is a good one. Once in the ring it's a little razor rumble, off come the vest and the gold .He hands the gold to event personnel and warned him about what will happen to him if he lose it .For the man troubles of course he give him the tooth pick.... The men lock up and the game is on who will climb the ladder to become the WWF Intercontinental Champion .. Let's find out ??? I know you know but play with me ...This match happen March 20 1994 so everybody know ..Let's pretend that we don't .. The boys go back and forth for a few minute with a go behind ,head lock and a flip over and one hell of a choke slam  ..In the ropes and out Razor lands a Big right hand the send The Kid head back..Man it looks like he was going to lose it. In the ropes again the Shawn hit with a neck breaker. Razor is down, so when your down what does The Kid ..do but kick him of course, not once but a couple of times . The Bad Guy is up and take The Kid to the corner and slams his face into it . Razor to the ropes and hits with a clothesline and The Kid goes down To the ropes again goes Razor only this time he misses and land on the outside hard . He slowly get up but who is coming from behind you guess it Desiel .Desiel hits with his own clothesline and Ramon is down again .. The Ref notice something  ... Desiel  is saying did you see something ??? Did you see something??? The Ref is sending Desiel to the back ...No more help for HBK ...No more Desiel... Razor has a idea he going to remove the mats and throw HBK to the cement.. Rule number one in wrestling is if the wrestler set it up it's the wrestler who will end on the cement. Back in the ring, the boys are one more time exchanging hard rights .. Razor give the "That it " and you know the edge is just around the corner but no Shawn throws Ramon over the ropes and what did you say onto the concert floor remember the first rule of wrestling .. Shawn get to the ladder first but Razor is right behind him .The Bad Guy lands some hard right so does HBK ..Now HBK has the ladder in the ring and Razor is trying to get into the ring when the Heartbreaker hits with a baseball slide into the ladder and the ladder goes into Razor. The ladder now becomes a weapon and HBK use just that way to beat Razor in the mid section over the back any thing that put him on the canvas.. Now that he is down  .. HBK  tries to win the match by getting the belts .. Up up he goes only to be stop by the Bad Guy who give the fans of HBK a thrill of a life time .. A look at his cute Butt... I can hear it now  the crowd is very into this match and the show stopper is really Stopping the show.... After giving the fans a thrill Shawn hit with elbow off the top of the ladder pants still down. Now Shawn is setting up the big bump the one that every one will remember ..The ladder to the corner and bring The Bad Guy in front ..It is the jump that make this ladder match famous... from the top a fog splash heard around the world .Both men stay down for a while.Both men are up and hit the ropes meeting in the middle with such a crash that it put them both down again .. Back to the first rule of wrestling .Shawn is setting up the ladder in the corner as to throw Razor into . Off the ropes with  a revisal and it is Shawn the hits the ladder and over the top ropes to the floor. Ramon is up and he take the ladder to the outside where he use it to slam it against HBK and sent him into the corner pole..What a blow ..Again with the ladder as HBK is on the run he hit him into the next pole ...Now to every rule there is an exception here is one.. Razor is setting up the ladder  leaning it on the ropes .. It will be Micheals that hit it when Razor catapult him into it .. Now it is back into the ring and Ramon hits the Kid with the ladder right to the jaw ..Ohhhh that has got to hurt sport entertainment or not . HBK is on the outside and Razor is setting up the ladder to get the prize when Micheals goes to the top rope and fly's knocking him off the ladder.. The King say he is Superman .The ladder falls on top HBK and the King seem to think this is justices . Both men are up and both are trying to climb the ladder one on each side . At the top of the ladder the two exchange hard right and Razor Body Slams Shawn from the top of the ladder. Razor then hits the ground as he loses control of the ladder .. The King say that the ladder is broke .. Razor tries to set up the ladder climbing for the prize.. Shawn is up He drop kick the ladder send both men to canvas.  Micheals hits the ladder hitting Razor while he is down .. Off the rope now and HBK hits Sweet Chin Music sent Razor to the canvas ... say "That it " I don't thing so... HBK can do not do an Edge not in this life time and not on Razor who is six inches taller .. He set him up and drop him on his head with a power drive. Micheals takes the ladder to the conner and drop it and himself right on top of Ramon ..The Bad Guy must be hurting.. Shawn put the ladder over Razor .. The king say it is Double bad luck for Razor . Michaels is climbing and Razor is up .Razor is shaking the ladder  and then to the ropes drop kicks it and Micheal end up in the ropes tried up ..King what to know where Desiel is .. Razor set up the Ladder and Yes Boy and Girl we do have a new Intercontinental Champion

Razor Ramon